Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mr. Fiction Speaks

Howdy, Taqiyya doin ? If it quacks like a duck...

SOTU: Obama stresses US strength and urges hope to anxious US

"Anyone claiming that America's economy is in decline is peddling fiction."
" I should know, I wrote the book, "All Fiction, All The Time", these last 8 years", Mr Obama told lawmakers in Washington.

"The US is the most powerful nation on earth."

.... and yet we continue to lose every war we've fought, the latest being Afghanistan and IS infested Iraq, and the Obama/NATO meddling in Libya, now an IS hotbed of ISLAMIC terrorism.
America is in serious decline, Liar in Chief, Obama.

The consummate American Politician

"When my lips move, it's pure pathological lies and voluminous rants of impure fiction."

"Islam is a religion of peace"
"ISIL is not Islam"
"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor"....

There is No Accountability in Corrupt America

Fast and Furious -people died because of Mr Fiction and DOJ hoodlum Eric Holder.

IRS targeting of Conservatives to throw off 2012 elections

Release of 5 high value Taliban Commanders for 1 US Army deserter

Release of Gitmo detainees to kill US military and civilians all over again, 30% are known to go and fight again, most likely more.

Release of thousands of criminal felon's and criminal illegal's from prison to go out and rape, murder and pillage US citizens all over again.

Breaking the law by continuing to flood the US with illegal aliens and keeping the border wide open for Islamic terrorists to enter with ease.

Making sure Libya became an IS terrorist haven by his removal of Qaddafi and supporting, arming and training Islamic terrorists in Syria.

ISIL to Obama - Thanks for all the weapons,tanks and Humvee's Mr Jihadi in the White House.
He's got lots of innocent blood on his hands.

Betraying Israel by jumping in bed with the Islamic Republic of Iran in it's drive for nuclear weapons.

Pushing the Climate Change lie, which is being used to destroy America and 3rd world it.

Who but a blind person cannot see that Mr. Fiction is at war with the American people ?

And on and on it goes. This is just the tip of the destroying iceberg from hell, Obama.

Above are just 3 of his over the top lies out of thousands and a few of the many crimes he got away with thanks to his media whores and a worthless Republican party.
When his lips move, it's guaranteed, the truth is the exact opposite. He learned well from his daddy, the father of lies.
I despise our US Media for not holding this jihadist in the White House accountable for anything.
They've covered up his lawless regime's reign from day one.
Without them, this criminal would be in an orange jumpsuit and behind bars along with the utterly corrupt Clinton duo. 
All of this is happening to America because this nation turned it's back on God.
A wicked nation can only aspire to have wicked leaders.

To better describe their political party, the Republican's needs to change their name to Worthless Party.

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