Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Marauding Terrorist Firearms Attack"

Istanbul, Paris and now Jakarta have all experienced what counter-terrorism officials classify as a "Marauding ISLAMIC Terrorist Firearms Attack", or MITFA for short.

Counter-Islamic terrorism officials are not permitted to define the enemy we are facing, so like politicians, police, military, government heads across the world, using the word 'Islamic' is forbidden.  
Islam and the globalists have the same agenda, bye, bye freedom
Ever wonder why the godless,leftist perverts are so silent and accommodating when it comes to the death cult of Islam ?
It's because they serve the same Father of Lies, Satan and desire to see his freedom-less, totalitarian rule over the earth.

The crazy ones who rule everywhere on this insane planet cannot bring themselves to identify the 'terrorists' or the religion they follow with religious zealotry.

Even in Israel the lame, politically correct leaders, politicians, security, military and police call a successful attack by Islamic terrorists on their citizens - nationalistic motivated.
They don't want to speak the truth out of fear of offending the followers of the false prophet, whose sole goal is their extermination. How stupid this world has become!

Imagine for a minute how crazy this would have been when we were fighting the Germans during WW II.
The Orwellian new speak rulers have forbidden all media and persons from using the words, Nazi or German's.

This is what we have today, with the world protecting an evil by erasing it's identity from the people of the earth which they have easily brainwashed and deceived.

The truth is, they are assisting Islam in taking over the world by their actions.

Dark days are upon us indeed.

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