Friday, January 1, 2016

Israeli Arab Motivated by Islamic State Targets Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv shooting: Two dead, Israeli police say

A copy of the Islamic holy UNHOLY text Koran was found inside the backpack being carried by the gunman who opened fire on a crowded Tel Aviv street on Friday, killing at least two people, Channel 10 reported.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai rushed to the scene of the shooting attack on Friday on the jam-packed Dizengoff Street and told assembled media there that "this appears to be a terrorist attack motivated by nationalism Islamic Terrorism.


Tell me Mayor Ron, was it "nationalism" that caused the death of so many Jews across Europe to die or was it the Nazi ideology ?

Seriously, do you really believe the Arabs/Palestinian's who are killing Jews across Israel motivated by the ideology and teachings of Islam and the Koran or by your concocted "nationalism"?

Is Israel afraid to deal with the truth ?
Do they want to keep the delusion of peace with the death cult alive instead of defeating this enemy who does not want peace?

The lame Mayor of Tel Aviv can't say 'Islamic Terrorism' because they  do not want to hurt the feelings of the enemies that kill them without mercy or compassion.
How pathetic, showing kindness to evil.
It's sad how Israel has been brainwashed into political correctness and can not bring themselves to identify the enemy.
It is Islam and it's followers which have called for the extermination of 'infidel' Israel.

This same insanity from Israeli leaders has brought them to the place where they no longer defeat their enemies but appease them... and this is why Israel is paying the price again and again.
The failure of Netanyahu and his fellow dhimmi's to defeat Hamas has sent a message to all of Israel's enemies and this is why these ISLAMIC attacks will continue and get much worse.

Even more insane is how Israel's Kool-Aid drinking Media refer to the Koran as a 'holy book' when it is that same book that incites the murder of Jews, Christian's, fellow Muslims and everyone else on the planet.

Political Correctness is Killing Israel

Israel has become too weak and fearful to speak the truth and now swims in the sewer of delusional fantasies, playing the part of dhimmi... while their enemies laugh.
How long before Israel ends this insanity ?

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