Monday, December 7, 2015


Washington - Making the job much easier for the Muslim terrorists!

There Are 72 DHS Employees on the Terror Watch List

We come to America to kill YOU Infidels for allah, thank you for your blindness and stupidity!

Report from the Washington D.C. Office of Screwballs, Overpaid Useless Idiots and Nuts:

Our latest failure to thwart another Islamic terrorist attack due to our gross incompetence under the corrupt and deviant leadership of B. Hussein Obama is evident to those still able to think rationally and not swallow our media propaganda.
We are not supposed to take a serious look at Muslims as terrorists, the focus here is on returning vets, militia's, white people, especially those who want secure borders, Christian's, Jews who support Israel, anti-Abortion men, women and children.
Muslim terrorists are to be treated better than American citizens and made to be comfortable as they ply their jihad across America.
This is why TSA has been ordered to be nice to Muslim's and gate rape granny and little Johnny.

Syed was in contact with a known Somali, American, IS Islamic terrorist recruiter but we at DHS/FBI/CIA/ White House Branch of Muslim Brotherhood did not act, we did nothing because we were afraid that we might offend the Islamic terrorists.
Obama wants us to hug a terrorist for allah so we can all feel better as we head for the slaughter house.
Are Washington Wolves protecting the Islamic terrorists ?
So why haven't they had Syed's IS contact targeted since they have access to his IP address ? Why is he not priority target number 1 with a 'smart bomb'  with his name on it, aimed at his online co-ordinates ?

Why does the Obama gang allow IS social media to brainwash American youth and those across the globe ?
Why does Obama refuse to shut down their web sites ?

Why haven't they rounded up the Islamic terrorists that the FBI are watching instead of letting them roam free to do their terrorist jihad attacks and only then arrest them as we saw in San Bernardino last week ?
Why aren't the real Islamic terrorist's on the no-fly list being arrested for treason, deported, placed in front of a firing squad after being found guilty of treason ?
Why are they allowed to be a continuing threat to us ?
Why does President Obama have so many terrorist connected Muslim Brotherhood advisers in his
administration ?
 Why ?
Because he supports the Islamic terrorists and their agenda.

...and why does the media always cover-up for his usurpation of the Constitution, his un-American and criminal activities ?

Islam is Terrorism

Look across the globe with ongoing Islamic jihad's going on. Here are just a few.
From Yemen to Nigeria, to the Philippines, to California, and tell me who is responsible.
It's Islam, not Israel! 
This is why they never refer to the Islamic terrorists as ISLAMIC, their agenda is to brainwash you away from the reality that 99.9% of terrorists today are Muslim's.
And they do not want to offend Muslims and risk the danger of hurting their feelings when this evil religion and it's violent,murderous, hate filled teachings should be outlawed everywhere, not spoken of as an honorable religion to be respected as the wolf Obama does.

Too many useful idiots who just follow orders.

Our pathological liar in Chief has threatened to have us arrested, charged with a crime, and fired if we expose his Islamic cells and growing army, roaming free across America.

The media whores have been warned not to focus on the criminal negligence of the government and their many failures.
With their lax, practically non existent vetting process in allowing Islamic terrorists to flood into the country we shall see many more attacks against non- Muslim 'infidels'.
That is Obama's plan so he can declare martial law and seize guns from law abiding citizens.

They want to keep the sheep headed for slaughter asleep as they bring in thousands and thousands of Syrian refugees mixed in with trained Islamic State crusaders for allah.

Washington's agenda is to assist the Caliphate with their global conquest for allah.
Please remember that Islam must always be sold as a religion of peace by all U.S. Government employees or you risk being dismissed or worse.
Let us all work together, Government and media to get San Bernardino off the radar (out of sight, out of mind) and replace the focus with Climate Change/Global Warming as our greatest threat.

Keep the Sheep Asleep

With a badge and a gun, they are able to scout targets and fulfill their jihad duties more easily.
The effort now is to disarm all law abiding America citizens so that Hussein Obama's jihad against America can be more successful.

White Rose - Tribute to the Resistance



Karen said...

The city is spelled: San BernaRdino. Just an FYI.

Anonymous said...

All followers of Islam are told to kill infidels by the Koran, so when some do why are they radical? They aren't, and only fools and deceivers perpetrate the phony differentiation. But the Satan inspired globalist movement is readily employing and then deploying the most reliable members of the obviously Satan inspired religious killing cult, to overthrow our constitutional republic for their totalitarian wet dream of evil domination and destruction of everything righteous and just---the kingdom of the biblical antichrist.
At least all can see the evil our government is perpetrating against it's people, when our president continues seeking importation of more Muslims, and a thorough unwillingness to define, let alone address the problem. If we continue to tolerate treason, and evil---it's not stupidity or ignorance---we will soon lose our empty heads! The skeptical might consult Rev.6:9 and 20:4 to see what the apostle John told us nearly 2000 years ago would be expected!
Bible prophecy is real. It's fulfillment is everywhere and obvious. Wake up and understand the kingdom bringing end time evil to the world is the USA, the end time Babylon (occult inspired repeat) of Rev.18, Isa.13,14,47 and Jer.50,51. What's written is happening, and eternal deliverance is only through the blood of your only Savior, Jesus the Christ. But, that's up to you to decide. May true wisdom prevail.

Anonymous said...

DHS and TSA is just used to HARASS you Americans and then to annoy you they put in a irritating Negro.

Liberals are just laffing at how stupid you Americans are.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Bernard or Bernadette - I got it wrong.

Have you ever heard Obama admit he ever got anything wrong ?

I sure hope you or someone out there can also correct the pathological liar and Islamic apologist in the White House on his many,many,many,many errors and lies ?

Marcel Cousineau said...

It's good to see that there are others out there who are not in the Govt/Media matrix and seeing reality.
Sadly, it looks like the majority have been brainwashed and drugged zombies.

Anonymous said...

i believe these are the "brown shirts" that the obama clique needs to do their dirty work! They couldn't rely on Americans to fire on Americans in any number or for very long, to be their muscle!So he lets the jihadists kill Americans to the extent where, he hopes,Americans, will do what our security forces should be doing. protecting us! And when things look bad for our muslim friends, he can declare martial law. bring in foreign troops to protect them i.e. u.n. peace keepers Then they can start killing Americans with out cause! Yeah that wolf in sheeps clothing is quite fitting of obama!!

Marcel Cousineau said...

Yes, but these are black from head to toe with long swords cutting peoples heads off, especially fellow Muslims,reporters and people stupid enough to go into Syria and Libya to help these cursed followers of the false prophet and his phony allah,
but that will change and we will see more and more westerners targeted thanks to the destroyer Obama.

Check out my latest message on Obama's New Libya.
It's amazing that American's can be so blind to what he's been doing, especially with all the facts and evidence under their noses.