Friday, December 11, 2015

Eyes on the Horn

Not much news coming out about the Saudi/Egyptian war against Iran with proxy Yemen and the Horn of Africa trigger point.
Another of many hot spot's heating up that could very well go red hot without much warning.

This is a major military, commercial, trade, Red Sea, Suez Canal, Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, Africa, Middle East choke point.

Debka has a story on the recent seizure of a strategic island in the Strait of Bab al Mandeb from Iran/ Houthi rebel control

choke,choke,choke, I can't breath, sez the world powers
It's a hot spot!
The US along with the French have busy and more active by the day military bases in Djibouti with Iran making a move there also.

China has very important interests in Africa that it will protect militarily and these interests reach into the Middle East.
I do not think Iran will take this loss lying down so I expect the Mad Mullah Republic to push back. Not sure how hard but it bears watching, especially since the worthless US media are asleep again, too busy with their garbage/junk news.

What crafty Chess moves will Iran/Russia/China make in respond ?

Putin vows 'extremely tough' action on Syria threats 

Syria, IS, US, EU, NATO CONTROL in the Middle East (with Israel stuck in the middle)are up for grabs as East and West move in for domination and control. World War III is shaping up before our eyes.

Keep your eyes on the Horn of Africa


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this update. I had not heard anything about this!
SURELY we MUST stay in constant contact with HIM+ Who knows the end from the beginning! I am watching to see what happens to those who have cursed the Whole House of Israel.

Marcel Cousineau said...

your welcome. It's definitely a hot spot, choke point and getting hotter.
Elections won't matter when this thing kicks off.