Sunday, November 1, 2015

White Man Speak With Forked Tongue

The Indian's, aka native American's figured out that the truth was almost always the opposite of what Washington and their well paid liars told them.

Today, something has changed, they lie more than ever before, it's more of the same but in spades.

The government media are feeding us their devious agenda under climate change and the Russia/ China, Iran - US,EU proxy war in Syria.
This has now spread into Egypt with IS having acquired greater abilities to down Airliners than the idiot elite assumed they had. Something the pathological liar in the White House would never admit because it could be an American made missile supplied to Islamic extremists by Hussein Obama himself. But then it could have been a Russian MANPADS shipped out of Libya by the corrupt and criminal Obama administration ? (See articles at bottom of this page)
Russia shot down the Malaysian Airliner flying out of Amsterdam last year and now it gets a taste, reaping what it has sown.

Egyptian transport ministry/media report exposed as a big fat lie 

What if the missile that brought down the Russian Airliner got into the hands of the Islamic terrorists by way of Obama and Hillary?
Their covert exporting of MANPADS and other 'classified' high tech weapons by way of Benghazi, Libya into the hands of Syrian, Islamic terrorists fighting to overthrow Assad?
If this is what really happened we will most likely never know because it is too toxic to the criminals operating out of the White House and their loyal and criminal, lying praetorian guard media.

Russian Airliner Broke Up in Mid-Flight

The latest news is that the jet broke apart in mid flight. An Airbus does not do that unless it is blown out of the sky.
Whats interesting is that all of this happened right over IS controlled Egyptian territory and the media seems to have dropped this fact for the most part and diverted us to lies and fables such as the terrorist do not have the capability to shoot down the plane at this altitude.

The truth is that the liars and propagandist just don't know but they are telling us this as fact.

The same stupidity happened before when Francis Gary Powers was shot down over Russia in his U-2 spy plane. The professionals, experts and military spooks all blamed the USAF/CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers instead of admitting they were wrong about Russia's ability to shoot down a U-2 AT 60,000 feet.
The arrogant fools and high paid idiots will never admit that they were wrong and always look for a scapegoat or plausible lie.

Shot down right over IS controlled territory, what a coincidence 
The Egyptian's with all the advanced US Military hardware, fighter jets and attack helicopters are incapable or unwilling to wipe out their fellow Muslim in the Sinai.

Something else the US media is keeping hidden  

The 'good Muslims' who in obedience to the Koran wage jihad against infidels and apostate Muslims, known as Islamic State have nice new Humvee's and US Tanks as well as all the other military equipment we left behind in Iraq, not to mention all the other war gear we have shipped into Syria by way of Jordan and Turkey.

Do you think the US media will dig up this 'old dirt' with Hillary and Obama's criminal gun,missile,etc. running out of Benghazi, Libya to the Islamic terrorists in Syria ? especially when the witch running for prez ?

Thousands of Libyan missiles from Qaddafi era missing in action

Shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles flow abroad from Libya: U.N.

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