Thursday, November 12, 2015

So the leak may not have been accidental

I was reading this morning in Isaiah where God raised up an extremely powerful enemy to come up against His own people Israel to utterly defeat them because they did exactly what America has done.
Because I believe God and have no confidence in man, I know with certainty that He will judge the wicked and it is He who has blinded them to it.
When you seek the LORD with all your heart and serve Him alone, you are not blind and can see without all the confusion and clouds of lies that fog the brains of the doomed, the unrepentant lost who have rejected Jesus Christ and serve lying idols instead.

God does not change and it's easy to see Him raising up Russia, Iran,  China and others to come against Sodom and Gomorrah, America.
What is amazing to me is how asleep the sheep headed for slaughter are... just as they were in Isaiah and Jeremiah's day.
The denial and absolute ignorance then was just as we are seeing today with the lying, corrupt US media doing it's part to keep everyone asleep to the impending cataclysmic destruction.

But we do get a few tidbits of information in the middle of this gross American darkness to put together paint a clear picture of what is soon to come to Queer Nation.

Putin is a very busy man with a clear agenda to put a stop to America and the agenda of it's demonically inspired, queer as hell leaders.
I hope you can see what is soon to come to our reprobate nation that ejected God and the idiots now in charge have assumed to replace Him.
I wish Ben Carson and Ted Cruz the best but they will not stop what God has prepared for US.
The nation is too wicked and the people bent on evil and more evil.

Such a weapon would guarantee "that everything living will be killed", the paper said - there would not even be any survivors in bunkers.


Muslims doing what they do best

Muslim Terrorists Blow Up Fellow Muslim Terrorists in Beirut double Suicide Bombing

A 3rd Muslim terrorist suicide bomber was killed prematurely when the 2nd Muslim terrorist suicide bombers bomb went off too close to him before he could detonate his bomb.

Does this dead terrorist of Islam forfeit his reward of 72 worn out whores ?

Every day we see the fruit of Islam

More evidence that Islam is evil, bloody and that these followers of the false prophet and his god Satan cannot even live in peace among themselves and why it is evil of the US,EU,UN and everybody to push Israel into a false peace with these followers of death, the and hell. 

IS (Islamic State) claims responsibility for homicidal attack on fellow Muslims

Maybe this is why Hussein Obama is so keen on advancing Islam in America and selling us on it as a religion of peace. There is a good reason why the Nobel Committee gave this president and promoter of evil Islam the Nobel Peace Prize.
"When they say Peace,they mean war"


  1. You are right! America has gone too far in promoting evil and lies. The Judgment is set. Once GOD'S Judgment is set in motion it cannot be stopped by ANYTHING man can do.

    I just watched a video concerning the manufactured "refugee" crisis in Europe. These young men ( average age 18-25 ) claim it is their right to rape any woman they see, and to kill anyone who tries to stop them. WHY? Because they follow the lying demon possessed "prophet" of satan. They are all just like the one they follow and conduct themselves just like he did. It is TRULY a death-cult full of demon possessed men.

    There is probably going to be a bloodbath in Europe. And yes, they have planned the same type of thing for America too! The "10 kings" are using islam as their "killing machine", from isis which the U.S. has created, trained, and financed, to islam as a whole to do their dirty work for them. The plan is "GET RID of CHRISTIANS and JEWS, and ISRAEL. Who better to do this than that form of Satanism called islam??
    The LORD GOD will take care of HIS Children, the followers of HIS Beloved SON+. Let us hide ourselves in HIM+.

    1. The EU,US, UN have pushed and forced Israel to appease and surrender to this evil and so God will fill them up to their eyeballs with this Islamic terrorism on their front porches.

      God has put it in the heart of the wicked fools who rule to bring His judgments.The perverts and hypocrites of Europe have been bashing Israel for decades while giving Palestinian Muslim terrorist's carte blanche and billions to be a thorn in Israel's side as well as stealing what little land God gave the Jews to reward the greedy Arabs who already have way too much land.
      I wrote about this Islamic invasion when it first began but the lying media has dumbed down the majority who will understand too late that this is God's judgment on them by way of the elite globalists and their NWO agenda.
      Now the hypocrites of Europe and America will get a big bloody taste of what Israel has been dealing with for so long with the evil cult of death Islam.

    2. Yes sir! You are right again. I had thought that what Europe has done to Israel for so long will be now done to them.

      I cannot help but think that this is indeed a total Judgment against godless Europe and an insipid lukewarm apostate so called "church" that has cast the words of the MESSIAH to the ground and walked on them.

      It appears that the U.S. is next in line. The U.S. has blasphemed and challenged The LORD GOD. Lets see how well they do in a fight against HIM+.

  2. Perilous times are now upon us and this is nothing compared to what is set to fall on the unrepentant, wicked.
    Psalm 9:17