Saturday, November 14, 2015


(before the "memo" which is below, a direct connection as to why France was unprotected )

What grabbed my attention after the IS attack on France is how easily and unrestrained the Islamic terrorists attacked. For decades the French, British and American's have restrained Israel in their fight against the same Islamic crusaders with an incredible double standard they don't even follow.

Now the hypocrites in FRANCE get a taste of what they have put Israel thru for their support, encouragement and assistance of the Palestinian (Islamic) terrorists against Israel.

Another thing , this attack came right after the EU passed a Nazi like law to label all Israeli products from Judea and Samaria for the sole purpose of helping Israel's enemies.

Now France and Europe are being rewarded for their evil efforts against Israel


God is swift in His retribution to those who hop into bed with Islam against Israel under the con job of peace process.
He is sending Islam to destroy them as we see Muslim on Muslim death and destruction in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Somalia, Libya  and spreading.

His promise to cut in pieces (Zechariah 12:3 and 9) all who meddle with His plan for Israel is in play now

News reports today said a Syrian passport was found on one of the dead MUSLIM terrorists.
That means the stupid Europeans (the French especially) have been letting these IS fighter return and easily cross their borders to fight and terrorize them across Europe.

Obama has also allowed these Islamic terrorists to return to America to fight instead of rounding them up.
The enemy is in the White House and cursed American's elected their destroyer twice.
Obama has been doing an excellent job in bringing America to her knees.

This is only the beginning, thanks to the stupidity of the godless left who rule over Europe and America.

'the truth is harder to accept than the lie's we are being fed'
Marcel Cousineau

from the desk of B. Hussein O.
Destroyer in Chief

CLASSIFIED: SLOP SECRET - for your eyes only!

First, What a great job you all have done in covering up my work of turning Libya into an extremist, radical Islamic terrorist hell hole. Thank you so much, my dear media prostitutes and whores.

 I also want to thank all of you for keeping Turkeys' invaluable assistance in overrunning Europe with its second Islamic invasion off the headlines and front pages, especially their able bodied assistance in helping to make ISIL what it is today by keeping their borders open for so long so that Islamic terrorists from across the globe could pass into Syria and join up.
You Turks are responsible for the attack in Paris as much as IS is and we shall cover up this truth in our controlled media.

I am thankful to NATO for keeping Turkey in the fold in spite of Erdogan's extremist Islamic efforts at toppling the West and his great devotion to his Islamic jihad duties against all unbelievers.

Our time is ripe as the West is very weak and stupid in a suicidal way. They have given us unimpeded entrance in our invasion of Europe and with my executive orders I shall over run America as well with the death cult of hate, Islam.

Truly their godless, leftist ways is a mental disorder that works greatly in our favor as Europe falls into chaos and destruction.
Thanks again Turkey and Merkel for making this Islamic invasion a reality.

In light of the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and on the Russian passenger jet I want to remind all of you to never,never, never use the words Islam or Muslim when identifying those terrorists and all who do are smeared,discredited ,marginalized and attacked with the full weight of the press as Islamophobes and worse.

Follow my lead, remember when I called ISIL junior varsity, lets keep the lie alive as my fellow jihadists ravage the west with a little help from you and I.

As America's Pathological Liar in Chief, I can tell you from many years of this that the majority want to hear my smooth, slippery lies more than they want the truth, so lets keep up the good work. Cowered America is ripe for destruction and my agenda is proceeding smoothly with no real resistance.

If I knew I could get way with it, I would order you to not even use the word terrorist in describing my fellow jihadists and only use the term 'activists'.
tell a lie often enough and they will believe it
We have been quite successful in deceiving the public with our big lie that Islam is a religion of peace.
Hitler's Third Reich, Minister of Propaganda, Goebbels was correct in saying; 'tell a lie enough times and the people will believe it'.

The public are now like clueless, dumb sheep headed for slaughter as they were stupid enough to vote for me twice. Now they will receive what they have elected me to do, change America into hell on earth. We must keep the lie alive my fellow revolutionaries in the media so that the sheep go quietly without much resistance.
The worst thing would be for them to wake up at this late hour, so keep the propaganda machine pumping out our big lie about my favorite and dearest religion of death and utter destruction.
The doomed fools will eat it up as they always have.
It is important that we not round up all the ISIL fighters returning her to the U.S. from Syria and Iraq. I've ordered the FBI to do nothing, just watch a few of them from a distance, and they are good at following my orders.

Even though I failed to keep my dearly beloved Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt,I have paved the way for destruction by way of Islam to spread more rapidly here with many Islamic terrorist cells already in place and waiting for the go, this as I import thousands of these jihadists into the US as we have successfully done in Europe, now in it's final stage.
Remember how easily I got away with releasing 5 major Islamic terrorist, Taliban leaders for one fellow traitor and Islamic convert.
I can get away with much more treachery with this present, silent, impotent opposition who never hold me accountable for my high crimes. If they try, I will get my strategically located fellow revolutionaries to burn America's cities down.

Also very important, we must find a way to place the blame for these Islamic terrorists attacks on Israel and the Jews.
Push the lie that if Israel were to appease Islam with more surrender, retreat and release of my fellow terrorists that there would be no justly angry Muslims and peace would break out everywhere.
Stay on track with the agenda of our god, Lucifer and his false prophets, Mohammed, Lenin, my dearest Frank Davis Marshall and S. Alinski, order out of chaos.

Chaos we shall have here on the home front with your much needed help. Only after this destruction we have planned can we introduce the globalist wet dream,the tower of Babel, second edition, for our god Lucifer.

In closing I want all of you to keep this news story on the Paris attack short lived.
I want it to be forgotten by the public in a few days.
This will be easy as my American sheep headed for slaughter have very short attention spans and will soon forget this thanks to the many distractions and garbage we feed them.
Lets get the focus back on attacking Ben Carson, Israel, and those exposing my evil agenda, and off my fellow jihadists ASAP.
Remember and repeat after me; 'Islam is a religion of peace'.
hahaha this is so easy thanks to the many useful idiots and fools that America is over run with now.

Ephesians 5:11


Why did NSA and ECHELON fail to intercept this Islamic attack on France ?

Because the perverts are too busy watching us non Muslims who pose no threat


  1. Really good report!

    I was not aware of what France and the EU had been doing against Israel in specific. This certainly FITS! The nations strike Israel, The LORD GOD STRIKES THE NATIONS! As the nations do to Israel the LORD+ will do to the nations.

    I know this is coming to the U.S., with full knowledge of the U/S. "leaders".
    "How art the mighty fallen". 2 Samuel 1:27.

    1. This is something so many are missing because the devil does not want us to connect these final judgments to the attack of the nations on His Israel under the guise of peace. Sadly,so many Christians are blind and asleep to this war on Israel led by Satan and his chief ally America. is a good place for info.