Sunday, November 15, 2015

All Those Who Hate Me love Death

"For he who finds me finds life, and obtains favor from the Lord. But he who sins against me injures himself;  
All those who hate me love death."
Proverbs 8: 35-36

This is why Islam is so in love with death, dying and killing and why the youth from the dying West are so into the death, walking dead, zombie and vampire culture

The skulls of death are everywhere, and on everything in America and the West.

Some thoughts on the West's love affair with death and Islam's attack on Paris Friday night.
Be careful who and what you identify with.

  The band had just finished playing a number; Save A Prayer

"An hour into the rock concert, the atmosphere was frenetic. The band had just finished playing a number called Save A Prayer and - having told their raucous Parisian fans they loved them - they were launching into another favourite, Kiss The Devil..." and then death came to take them.

Most of those who crossed the line to attend the Eagles of Death concert met death on that dark day in Paris, a very ugly death.
What I'm saying is; Do not identify or celebrate with the culture of death which is now 'cool and in' with the doomed youth of our dying culture. Run far away from this doomed culture of death.
God sends a message and most are too blind to see it right under their noses.
You know that the media will try and whitewash Islam's responsibility for this attack, don't you ?

 If they could get away with blaming it on Christian's or Jews, they would, in a second.
That's how evil and full of lies and deception the Western media are today.
Do you remember when Obama was being interviewed by George Stephanopolis of ABC news many years ago when Obama accidentally let the truth out about his religion of choice and not his religion of deception?
'my Muslim faith'
Geroge had to come to his rescue and remind him; 'You're a Christian, not a Muslim' in order to keep the Government/Media deception going.
The liars and deceivers (EVIL) protect their own and go after everyone and everything good as they do with Jewish and Christian believers like Israel, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz.
Trump has only exposed himself as part of the evil cabal by going after Carson has he has done. It's always been evident to me who Trump really is by his arrogant, proud boasting.
That's Lucifer, front and center stage just like proud and arrogant Obama, Bush, Clinton and on and on.

'All those who hate me love death'.

It's no surprise to me that the 'Eagles of Death' rock concert in Paris was the location of the greatest loss of life in Paris during the attack by the cult of death, Islam.
I keep hearing from the taqiyya practicing Muslims and their enablers that 'this is not Islam'.
Of course it's Islam, pure unadulterated, evil Islam as everyone of these Satan led Islamic terrorists are practicing the teaching of the founder and writer of the Koran they follow.
Those Muslims not blowing up and killing non Muslims are considered apostates by the true followers of the false prophet, Mohammed.
Getting back to America and the West's obsession with skulls and death and everything dark and evil. It's just more evidence that a culture that has rejected God and the truth is on it's death bed, sliding rapidly down to hell.
This is why we have so many pathological liars and evil men and women deceiving us with their political speech in their insatiable quest for power.
There is no getting America back. It's not hard to see that the window for repentance has closed with the major population now reprobate and resistant to God and His holy laws to the point of hating Him.

We are living in dark days where good is now evil and evil is now good.

Isaiah 5:20

This is where the the hopeless,ugly, death culture has replaced everything Godly and good.

No matter how pretty and cool they make Eagle's of Death, we all saw the outcome of this culture of death and lies on Friday night as the deceived and doomed youth who follow lies came to their ugly dead end at the hands of the cult of death which has been billed a religion of peace by our lying, death loving politicians, statesmen and lying religious leaders.

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  1. Yes! You are right. The cowardly butchers in Paris and across the middle east are practicing exactly what the satanic quran and its satanic author have taught.

    They are cowards whose favorite sport is to gang-rape helpless women. This must be the example of the stinking sharia and caliphate they keep threatening everyone with..

    Now I read this morning that they are threatening to attack Washington D.C. !! If they do they will be attacking their HOME TOWN!! . The U.S. has fielded and supported and created isis from its beginning when it was al Qaida. Isis is their killing machine.

    The lying serpents that inhabit D.C. are accountable for the suffering and death of thousands of GOD'S Children. Isis does nothing until they get their orders from the U.S. and the hellish C.I.A. Then the U.S. holds up "innocent" hands and bombs empty dessert areas in a charade! What a bunch of liars~

    Keep these truthful articles coming. Good work.