Friday, October 30, 2015


Why so little outcry over civilian deaths in Syria, Yemen, as compared to Gaza?

The answer is simple;
 The decadent, perverse nations hate to see the Jews fight and defend themselves and they go mad. 
The nations go out of their way to rescue and protect the Islamic terrorists which have vowed to exterminate Israel.
This is why there was such an outcry against Israel when the IDF went into Gaza to end the rain of rockets on their cities from the Satan inspired Palestinian's.
And this is why there is no outcry after a quarter of a million dead Syrian's mostly civilian and millions displaced.
Do you remember when Israel tried to displace a handful of Palestinian terrorists by dropping them off in Lebanon, the outcry from the world was deafening and Israel was forced to retreat.
This double standard is evil and originates from headquarters hell.

Judgement of the nations has begun

God will settle the score with the hypocrite nations as we are now seeing in Europe, over run by the Islamic hordes that will bring Europe to it's knees.
They will get a BIG taste of what Israel has been dealing with for a long time.

To understand how God deals with His and Israel's enemies take a look at Syria after four years of Muslim on Muslim genocide.
No matter how hard the nations try to help the Syrian refugees, you can not bless what God has cursed.
Genesis 12:3

Do you remember when the pathological liar in Chief, Obama told the American people ; 'No boots on the ground', in this latest war disaster unfolding ?

Like a moth drawn to the flame.

 Syria conflict: Obama send special forces to fight IS


Anonymous said...

Yes! I can see the nations that have constantly condemned Israel for years are now under Judgment with the nightmare Islamic invasion.

The "puppet masters" have pulled the strings of their hired and paid puppet, so now it's boots on the ground to fight "bad isis" which the puppet masters created and sent in there.

The Russians getting involved in Syria has pulled the cover off of the gang of criminals who have caused the deaths of over 250,000 people in Syria alone, but now it's "boots on the ground" to cover their crimes and possible further ww3 which they seem to want badly!

As you said, What a bunch of Lying Hypocrites, both the U.N. and the U.S. pseudo government.

May The LORD GOD protect Israel for HIS Holy Names sake and the sake of the Holy Covenant HE has made there through HIS Beloved SON+. .

Anonymous said...

It won't take much for everything in that neighborhood to spiral way out of everyone's control now.
The elite really think they are in control but God will show them who is in complete control.
I hear thunder and see great disaster on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Yes sir! Amen!