Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Sovietization of America is 99% Complete

School District Investigates God for Trespassing On Their Turf

As you read this latest atrocity by the perverse, godless left against good,moral, upstanding American's think about how the wicked ones here are not seeking to protect our children from child sexual predators or violent gangs or the immoral perverted government school curriculum that encourages killing babies and other influences from the pit of hell.
The left is notorious for breaking laws and not being held accountable, the Obama regime is a lawless one. The lawless left and their sanctuary cities for law breaking illegal aliens is another example of breaking federal laws on the books with the help of the now lawless federal government who choose to ignore the law.
The court clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage certificates to sodomites because it goes against her religion is being targeted by the full force of Satan and his minions. They dig up dirt to try and destroy her credibility while they keep their fellow perverts and criminal partners covered deep under the dirt. There is no equal justice in America any more.
The corrupt protect each other and use their power like the criminal's and gangsters they are.

They are only interested in erasing God and anything good,wholesome and moral from our culture, now gone dark.
They hate God like the devil hates God ,they are his workmen and they are evil and reprobate... and this is why there is a real, literal hell where they will receive the payment due for their labors.

I thank God for His sure justice because it no longer exists here in the land of the cursed.
The Hillary, Bill, Obama, Lois Lerner lawless elites are not held to account for their many crimes, it's all a show that never comes to trial.
They get away with felony crimes, corruption and murder because America has become a rotten stench of wickedness and every perversity ... and the powerless Christian, the powerless Church has lost any salt they might have had at one time.
When a close friend of a Communist revolutionary,convicted bomber Bill Ayres, can be elected president, his records sealed and protected by the media during his seven years of dictatorial tyranny, and any brave soul who stands up to the evil tyrant has his minutest records sifted with the deepest scrutiny by the government media propaganda tyrants you know the revolution is complete.

If they can't destroy or buy off someone like the Donald, they will accident him or terminal cancer him like they did to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
These rats are cannibals and even eat their own when the need arises.

99% Complete, Only 1% Remains

NSA, Stasi has been collecting information on possible threats to their New World Order take down on America for years now and all that remains is to neutralize the opposition as every Communist regime has done from the start. Their plan is for millions to die and to instill terror in those who remain so that they will conform and not resist big brother,Hitler on steroids.

Wake up folks ,we are in deep darkness where end time evil is concerned and most of it lies within the Washington Beltway. Follow the money and there are billions and billions floating up and down the gutters of that city just looking to corrupt everyone who is foolish enough to head in that direction the love of money being the root of all evil.
Can you say; 'Evil Washington' or are you just an empty shell, zombie, useful idiot of the utterly corrupt merchant's of death system ?
The ones who start never ending wars for their sick lust for power and financial gain ?
When no one has gone to jail for the IRS abuse of their power and the opposition party is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the lawless president you can be sure that freedom in America is nothing more than a farce, a big fat lie.

They have Intentionally Destroyed The Middle Class

The fact that the evil one Obama rules by stealth and slow methodical steps in the dark to bring about his dream totalitarian tyranny with no real opposition should send shivers down the spine of most Americans, but most of them are in a coma.
With the help of a hard core leftist, godless media, corrupt judges,the wealthy elite of business and Hollywood and corrupt politicians of the left and right we have been taken over and are now in the final stage of overthrow.
That is why the borders are wide open and illegal immigrants are being assisted by this lawless government with over half of illegals on government welfare while US military veterans are treated like criminals and refuse.

The next stage is blood and bullets, wholesale slaughter of the Stalin,Pol Pot, Mao genre.
The same demons who drove them now drive Obama and his evil henchmen.
Evil has taken over America, the whole head is sick and there is no Donald Trump savior to come to the rescue of this reprobate corpse.
When the daily headlines are of grown men seeking out our children for sex and a now bloody open war on the police while the Marxist,Muslim in the White House runs off to Alaska to play in the snow while lying to us about global warming and the people have been dumbed down enough to fall for their agenda of making America a third world nation then it's only a matter of days and months (not years) before they take out their 1.2 billion + rounds of hollow point ammunition on the mob uprising and any and all resisters to their Communist revolution.

That is why they have militarized the police forces across America, and turned us against each other, black versus white, rich versus poor, Latino versus black, versus white.
The flood of immigration from Islamic and third world countries while our country teeters on economic collapse is no mistake,third world America is here.
It's part of their plan for internal division and subsequent civil war when everything collapses and it will collapse, they've prepared for it
The economy,the dollar will collapse as will the power grid which will bring down food distribution and everything else dependent on it.This brings America past third world to nether world.

There are many scenarios of which the evil one in the White House and his cadre of devote revolutionaries are aware of such as the Russia, China, Iran, North Korea axis use of an EMP to bring America back into the stone age. And we have the killer satellites already in play as other newly developed weapons systems we know nothing about going on line.
We have the MIRV ICBM's of Russia and China and soon North Korea and Iran will also be able to take out 10-15 of our major cities with 1 shot. This is where Jesus' words that if the days were not shortened, no human,animal would remain alive on this cursed rebel planet. One thing the evil elite are good at is destroying. There's big money in that profession.

And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter. For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be.
And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.
Mark 13
Think about Jesus' words when you hear the praetorian media whores of Obama push their man made global warming, climate change crap to the masses as they hypocritically feed their monster, the Military Industrial Complex and it's ability now to destroy the world 1,000 times over.
Don't let these disciples of Satan deceive you with their lies as they divert you away from their true,evil agenda. Mass Human Extinction, courtesy of Obama, the Destroyer.
This is all God's judgment on a wicked nation.
Our calling, those who believe in Jesus Christ and follow Him is to stand by faith and endure unto the end.
And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.
Revelation 12

Birds of the same feather

Obama and Iran are on the same page when it comes to Israel. The only difference is that Iran tells the truth while Obama lies. The leftist Jews love their liar Obama dearly unto death.
Iran will continue to bolster its military capabilities until it has defeated Israel and gained freedom for the Palestinians, a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander vowed Wednesday. "They (the US and the Zionists) should know that the Islamic Revolution will continue enhancing its preparedness until it overthrows Israel and liberates Palestine," Iran's Fars News Agency quoted Brigadier General Mohsen Kazzemeini as saying. Kazzemeini is the IRGC's top commander in the Tehran Province.


  1. America has summoned the demons with their thoughts, words, actions, movies, music, filthy attitudes; and the demons have come to America that has opened its whole being to them!
    The demons love those who call evil good and who call good evil. America has what it has requested, total evil, death and darkness, with pitiful little man being worshipped, and in turn worshipping satan with every thought of their heart, which is only evil continually.

    May The LORD GOD help HIS+ Children to stand apart and endure unto the end to HIS Glory and for their Eternal good.

  2. you said it, the truth few christians want to hear!!!
    My prayer as of today