Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Six Commandments of Babel, UN World Order

these rules (for our long in the works global village) are meant to be long and tedious as our reign will be short, failed and sour just like the first Tower of Babel attempt to overthrow God...

1. We, the perverse and corrupt ones are your gods as we have succeeded in dumbing you down to believe many lies. You pathetic dumb sheep shall have no other gods before you except the worship of our fellow gods, Anus, Phallus, Abaddon, patron demon of all murderers of babies in the womb.

The worship and devotion to all sexual perversions, sports,entertainment, fables and myths which our propaganda media will feed you on a daily basis is green lighted while anything about Jesus is forbidden.
Only these false gods shall be acceptable along with we elite globalist gods of course.

We do want to thank the American people for electing a pathological liar to lead them twice, it has only made our job of enslaving you that much easier, so; "thank you very much", as Elvis would say.

First Commandment-Worship the creature, man,  not the Creator 

2. The Bible is taboo, and those who take it literally are enemies of the N.W.O.
They do not accept us as the final authority as they serve another Kingdom.

If you read the Bible or believe it you shall not advance in our global economic system but shall instead be rendered an outcast.
Remember, perverts do not like God and the Bible, so to remain on our good side, stay away from both, or else.
Listen to us and obey us.
We control your thoughts and the meaning of words.
If we, the revolutionary extremists say that you are the extremist that is what it shall be.
We make the new reality and rewrite history at our whim.

We will do your thinking for you and watch over you closely and brainwash your children by the first grade, those who attempt to think for themselves are dangerous extremists and a threat to our agenda of lies and deception who will be dealt with harshly.

3. No one is permitted to question our climate change agenda.
It is very important to us that the masses of humanity not connect catastrophic earth changes to the fact that God is angry with the wickedness,violence and perversity of the rebellious human race and that these are His judgments on the earth.

If the people figure this out then they will also figure out that we are not God and that we have been lying to them all along.

We encourage all rebellion against the One true God, just as our master, Lucifer has done.

Keeping the useless eaters ignorant before their slaughter is the plan

There shall be no talk or discussion on the reality of good and evil, right or wrong, we will decide what 'truth' is and you will be content with the entertainment and big brother media propaganda that we provide you at a reasonable cost along with mind numbing commercials that we use to brainwash you.
Do not question our omnipotent like control over you.

As you may have noticed, we are in league with merciless, cruel, totalitarian Islam, our other control freak brothers who serve the same father of lies as we do, we have much in common such as our deep seated hatred for Israel and the Jews.
No one is permitted to speak reality, the truth about the nature of this cult of lies and death of the false prophet.
Everyone is commanded to defy reality and call it a religion of peace or else you will encounter the anger of our thought police, police state and National Stasi Agency who are looking for those who deal in the truth and reality.
cameras pic
We control the media and manipulate thought with our Orwellian politically correct controls which are incredibly successful thanks to our all seeing electronic eyes everywhere (the sheep are caged like never before) and can not permit truth to interfere with our dark and nefarious agenda. Truth is enemy number 1 and that is why we demonize bible believers and those who hold God to be the final authority.

4. Confusion is good, sanity is bad, we have a pill for that.

As we continue to keep you drugged and confused, you will more easily trust our 'experts' to keep you in a state of delusion and not rely on common sense and intuition, losing whatever God given conscience you have remaining.
Immorality, godless perversity and a hatred for the true living God and His ways is greatly encouraged, remember our creed, all confusion and babel all the time, it keeps the sheep confused and that is good for us, greed is good, rich is bad, black is white and white is black, freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom as long as you have NFL season tickets, lies and liars are honorable, war is peace and peace is war, and truth is bad, very bad.
Honor your father and father and your mother and mother, and do dishonor your father and mother, it is the way of our uber god Satan.
Injustice guides us in our decision making and so if you serve the one true God, the Holy one of Israel, Messiah Jesus, you are an extremist, enemy of the State.

5. We control every aspect of your life and can cut off your economic lifeline as well as cut you off. No food, no water, no life for you, so do not step out of the nice box we have welded tight just for you.

6. Never question us as we are accountable to no one, and send your children to University, college, the lowest education from the pit of hell, so we can poison their minds while stealing great sums of money from you stupid people, and never forget that we are your evil masters, oops, can't use that word.

In Godgoogle,greed and fakebook We Trust !


  1. We are watching this scenario unfold right in front of our eyes!

    Lets watch and see what happens next
    The LORD GOD is watching these serpents activities/

    HE Who sits in The Heavens shall laugh, ADONAI shall have them in DERISION. Psalm 2. I rejoice to think of it!


    1. Amen!!! Looking forward to the day when God ends the reign of the wicked on His earth and the big harvest of the wicked looks to be coming up soon.

    2. I've been having trouble with posting (android phone) and responding here, looks like the enemies of the truth do not like what I am blogging.
      Lap top away from home seems to be working better.