Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Obama, Destroyer of Nation's

We've decided, the little dictator Assad stays and the big dictator Obama goes!

Russia, China, Iran and others have decided that the little dictator, Assad stays, and the big bully dictator of the world, Obama must go and with him the evil empire that spawned him.

For those who have not noticed or swallowed the lies these past 7 years, this president has done a superb job of destroying this country, bringing it down to third world status and he's not finished yet.
The job he was put in place to do.

Following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Mr. Skull n' Bones who removed the stable dictatorship of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and brought about so much death and destruction,wasting trillions of dollars and another failed state in the Middle East, Obama continues the destruction presently in now destroyed Syria.
Muslims need stable dictatorships to rule over them as democracy is antithetical to them.

Obama has become a world class destroyer !

The Soviet styled U.S propaganda media hide what President Obama did to Libya, they cover up the major disaster he and his have broom will travel Secretary of State Clinton brought to this country by deposing and offing Qaddafi.

He has turned it into another ungovernable failed state ruled by extremist Islamic terrorists, another Somalia in Africa. President Obama tried to do the same thing to Egypt by helping to remove the stable dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak who was replaced by close partners of Obama, the extremist Muslim Brotherhood who gave the world Hamas and a much worse dictator for Egypt named Mohammed Morsi.

Egypt's deposed president, Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood dictator has been sentenced to death, halting Obama's agenda for Egypt. Obama and America's evil and failed policy have led Egypt back into the arms of Russia, something the worthless, lying media also cover up for their pervert embracing president.

Obama / America helped create Islamic State

Because of Obama's Islamic background he rules America like a narcissistic dictator.
The president is more concerned about removing Assad than destroying Islamic state. Think about how the U.S has given the despotic, undemocratic dictator kings of Saudi Arabia a wink and a nod, even after 15 of their citizens were responsible for 9/11 and ask why they are so keen on removing Assad.   
That should tell you everything you need to know about Mr. Destroyer,Obama.
Obama has never had any intentions of defeating Islamic State which he continues to call ISIL as a slap in Israel's face.
China and Russia see thru Obama's phony war against IS (Islamic State) which he helped to create with the help of his partners in Qatar,Saudi Arabia, Turkey now led by extremist Islamic radicals among other radical terrorist backing Muslim nations.

We have some extremely evil people in Washington playing world overlords who are so corrupt they couldn't operate a sidewalk lemonade stand  without going out of business the first day and most American's are already walking dead before the final event.


They along with Iran have drawn the red line with Syria's little dictator Assad.

Unlike the majority of comatose American's, they know who is to blame for the massive Islamic invasion of Europe and who has been training and funding the extremist, Islamic terrorists fighting to overthrow Basher Assad of Syria  and who fed the fires in Syria and is greatly responsible for the quarter of a million deaths there, going on five years.
Egypt's Sisi also knows what a dangerous man the pathological liar President is to him and the world.
Maybe Obama sees himself as the long promised Islamic Mahdi ?
The Egyptian people know who Obama is  

What is really incredible in all of this is that this most evil man, this destroyer of nations  came out of Washington D.C., USA , so called Christian America.
It is everything but, having only a veneer of false religion that made the rise of such evil possible here in the land of the fee and the slave.
My guess is that China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua and other nations have decided that the little dictator, Assad stays and that the big bully dictator of the world, Obama must go and with him the evil empire that birthed him.

We're in serious trouble, don't waste your time on the presidential election farce, get on your knees and pray, pray pray that you might escape what is coming upon this evil land.


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