Wednesday, September 16, 2015

4 Things to Watch

as we head into the final weeks of September ...

1. Palestinian/Islamic uprising over Temple Mount in Jerusalem
2. The Fed possibly raising interests rates, unintended consequences
3. Pope Flake n' Fake's speech before the U.N. advancing the devil's global government agenda.
3. Russia making unexpected major move in Syria.
4. North Korea - Kim Jong-Un's nuclear threats against the U.S. He will have to back up his aggressive rhetoric if he is to be seen as a credible leader and not a clown.

N. Korea sent a 'satellite' over the US a few years ago, practice for an EMP strike.
It would not take much for them to set off a surprise EMP strike high above the continental USA.
They have everything they need to accomplish this thanks to Clinton,Bush Obama failure.

It could be a united, concerted effort by Iran, Russia and China, using little Kim as the foil against
what they all consider 'paper tiger' Obama ?

Obama, What a perfect opportunity they just can't pass up !

Russian forces in place and playing for all the marbles as Obama golf's

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