Friday, August 14, 2015


Instead it has become more Death-ier.
Have you noticed the change ?
All the evidence points to Humanity having entered a black hole.
How those entrusted to protect and serve now shoot to kill unarmed people as standard practice.
Don't tell me life has not gotten cheaper since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. It's getting cheaper by the day. Young, middle age,old are all fair game for the American culture that turned against life and wrapped both arms around death. Is it any wonder why America is more a place of death than life now ?
And it will only get much worse, guaranteed, because the people have voted and chosen the path to hell and death as a nation. ;The wide road is an ugly, violent and bloody one,thats what the people selected and we got it.
I often hear people use the term 'Civilized world'. A more accurate term would be ; 'Devolving into madness and chaos world'.

Have you noticed how they change the name from baby bump to fetus when the hypocrites and reprobates decide to exterminate him or her ?

When the majority celebrate a woman's right to kill her unborn baby and it is inscribed in the laws and 'rights' of civilized nations there can be no doubt that we are living on Planet Darkness, the Rebel Planet where evil is painted with the broad brush of rights and good. Since the US Lowest Court declared baby killing a right I've notice that human life has descended into a celebration of death while those under the spell of the prince of darkness try and overcompensate the evil they have embraced by crying out for the dead lions, elephants, whales,sentenced to death bears, sharks and any other non human life form.
The hypocrites assume to sooth their almost dead conscience by showing off their bizarre inhumanity to the once lower species that they now worship above humanity.
The humanity that they now kill with their godlike, my rights, religious devotion, murdering their baby bump. We American's have surpassed Hitler in crimes against Humanity, he didn't sell dead baby parts like our US Government funded Planned Parenthood does today without shame, even after being exposed. You see, they are protected by the evil Beast System and the godless rights crowd who will all fill the lower recesses of hell.
And then we have the evil criminals who murder innocent life without any thought or care, the product of America's godless education system where mention of God is a criminal offense and everything else including Satanism is OK.
"Professing to be wise, they became fools"
Romans 1:22
Since dumping God, everything in the West that was once blessed has become cursed. Hospitals now devolving into killing temples of death.
In western hospitals they now shuffle old people off to die earlier than usual to hospice care where a drugged death is the speedy goal. The death merchants are experts at putting on a kind face and atmosphere for their profitable enterprise. and then we have the Veterans Administration hospitals who were exposed last year for their killing ways. We have UK Health care which is really deathcare when you get close up and examine this creepy beast system... but I suppose the naive majority have already forgotten about that seeing that the attention span for modern man is devolving down to 2, maybe 3 minutes. It's much easier now for the establishment to get away with wholesale murder with a compliant media as their partners and all that big Pharma money floating round corrupting everyone just like the 'illegal' drug cartels do.
When I watched TV I could not believe the commercials, especially the drug commercials where they warned the naive and gullible of the serious side effects ,even death of their lousey product. There is big money in selling poison in America, those who do not look to God and put their trust in Him have made corrupt, greedy doctors and the evil system their gods who they trust with their life in a stupid sort of way.
Around ten years ago I met a nice older couple who were so kind to me. I tried to warn John that taking those 8 prescribed drugs would put him in an early grave. (the intended purpose of the corrupt doctor, big pharma, financial union for greedy motives) Like his wife Dorthea , his faith was greatly misplaced, he trusted the nice men and women in white coats from the tall Temple's of Death.
If the drugs don't kill you the insurance premiums and stick up without a gun hospital bills will.
What led me to write on this subject where western civilization gone darkly insane embraces death is a movie I picked up from the local library last week. It looked good and it was good in a bad sort of way. They did a god job celebrating death as the 'civilized' answer for old people. Michael Caine and the cast did a superb job in "Last Love" , it's never too late to love again...


Mr.Kool-Aid For Everyone

Make no mistake about it ,it was a crafty, subtle, satanic production by the EU to plant 'suicide' in the minds of the easily manipulated and seduced masses. I wonder how many old folks who watched that movie have had their last wall of godly morality, right and wrong, the Lord is the giver of life and only he can take it away belief, resistance to the death merchants agenda torn down and have taken the easy way out to hell ?
Euthanasia is big in Europe and growing more popular in now decaying, devolving America. They put a nice face on dark death, how cool is that ? It should be a time to get right with God before we head off into eternity and judgment day. Their cursed drugs make sure that is almost impossible.
Pharmakia,sorcery drug use are tied together in the book of Revelation as the sins that lead to eternal damnation. That's where big pharma and their bribed politicians are headed.


Anonymous said...

Right on target! America is reaping the crop she has sown.

Concerning " big pharma " we are watching people destroy themselves on prescription drugs along with garbage that is being passed off as " food ." A true death trap.

We have rejected that lie in The NAME of THE LORD+. We use natural things that are Created by GOD, and live on Genesis 1:29 type of foods. Big Food is as corrupt as Big Pharma!

I have worked in the medical field in one of the best known hospitals in the south, and you are RIGHT! It is a Temple of Death. What goes on in those places would be severely shocking to most. I no longer work in that field, Praise GOD!

It is time to get TOTALLY in The LORD and place every area of our lives under HIS Direction and Leading. Man's ways apart from JESUS CHRIST / YESHUA MESSIAH only bring death. JESUS said, " I have come that you might have Life and have it more abundantly." John 10:10

Good article brother.
May The LORD Bless you.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Amen, Thanks for reminding me about the processed poison they call food. A good example is bakers coconut shavings.It stays white on the shelf forever.Read the first chemical ingredient on the back contents list and ask yourself how and why the FDA would permit this in our food. The evil grows more open and in our faces as the dumb sheep are quietly led to their slaughter by the devils workers in white coats.