Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Eastern Axis of Evil Prepares for Nuclear War Against Western Axis of Evil

SERIOUSLY, Do you really believe that America will survive Obama? If you do, then your faith is in the wrong place!
This article from the Free Beacon;
Russian Warships Dock in Iran for War Games is much more important than the 'garbage news' the CFR controlled media have been feeding you. .. and it also ties in to a dream I read ten years ago which grows more credible by the day. The fact that Russian warships will be defending Iran from any Obama sanctions in the near future should his failed Iran nuclear agreement fail and the golfer has to show he is not an empty suit paper tiger.
You Know Obama our community organizer, narcissist in chief is going to fall into the trap, don't you?
There are no good guys in this coming war. Look at it as God's wrath on Sodom and Gomorrah and its queer military. With such a self engrossed deviant leading the USA , a joker Commander in Chief it will not go well for America, the land of the people who rejected the blessings of God and inherited the large pile of curses now in play.
It's going to get much, much worse, so if you are listening to the false prophets of our day, the main stream media and their partner pathological liars at the Government Propaganda Ministry then you are asleep or in a deep coma. America's enemies are preparing for the final battle against the 'Hammer of the Whole Earth.' North Korea is syncing their plans with Russia, China, Iran and a growing list of other Axis partners whose one goal is to knock America off its high perch permanently. Read Obadiah
This is why this war will be nuclear and America will never rise again from the ashes.We don't have a Churchill, or Roosevelt to lead us, just a self engrossed,golfer/checkers player and that should get your knees shaking with what we are facing. It's much more than Japan and Germany we faced in the 40's. I'm talking about sudden destruction that makes Pearl Harbor look like amateur hour. My hope is that pride has not blinded you to the lie of America's invincibility.
After conquering the world of that time, Babylon in their pride believed they were invincible but they got the surprise of their lives while the proud king was messsing with,partying with the the Holy things Israel had devoted to God. Much like the fool Obama is doing with Israel today, inbetween his rounds of golf and never ending vacations.
We're in trouble ,big trouble and I hope you have repented and drawn close to the Lord ,because time is really,really short.
Read Jeremiah 50-51, Revelation 18 for the details.

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