Friday, July 31, 2015

The Predictable End of Vittorio Arrigoni, Friend of Hamas

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before the fall.
Psalm 16:18
Avid students of God's Word know that He has always turned Israel's enemies against each other since the beginning as we are witness now to the ongoing bloodbath between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.
There is a very real curse on all who curse the Jewish people and Israel.
The blessing and the curse was delivered from the mouth of God to Abraham in Genesis 12:3.
Activist against Israel, Vittorio was brutally tortured and murdered in Gaza by the Palestinian 'friends' he embraced and served in his war against Israel in April of 2011.
Pride blinded him and led him to Gaza and to his end. His untimely and tragic death at the hands of his Muslim friends should be remembered as a lesson to all who side with evil against Israel,God's unfinished work.
The media called him an activist but in reality he was a rabid and determined enemy of Israel, an *ISM radical, a loud and vocal supporter of Islamic terrorism,the Hamas brand to be specific.
If they were an enemy of Israel,they were Vittorio's friend. He called Islam's jihad against the Jews self defense against aparthied Israel, when in fact it is muslims who are apartheid in a jihad way against non believers.
As his Hamas partners intentionally fired rockets and missiles against civilian's,innocent women and children, he was silent in agreement as the rest of the world has been and continues to be.
There is no target off limits for the genocidal Islamic maniacs Vittorio supported and assisted in his foolish and mistaken cause. Homes,resturants, parks, busy highways filled with travelers,schools and kindergartens filled with little children, Synagogue's, you name it.
The hypocrite nations have never even given Hamas a slap on the wrist, they just keep sending billions of dollars in support to Hamas under the guise of helping the jihad people of Gaza (also known as Palestinian's) because they are in agreement with it's covenant to destroy Israel.
These same degenerate hypocrite governments always find any reason to attack and blame Israel because these two wings of the same evil bird are united against the Israel of God.The only big crime the nations can find to accuse Israel of is building homes in obedience to God and against the will of these imposter gods of the earth in rebellion.

Gone And Almost Forgotten

The Italian Communist, Vittorio used his journalism skills to disseminate his vitriol and anti-Israel propaganda and lies to the utmost as the international media gave him an overdose of publicity and face time before the camera's in their united and unrelenting propaganda war against Israel and the Jews on behalf of the evil, global Islamic agenda.
I first heard of the mouthpiece for radical Islam (Hamas) in Gaza during the Gaza,Hamas war against Israel in 2008. He always covered up for Hamas crimes against humanity and never missed the opportunity to undeservedly attack and denigrate Israel in every medium. Being and Italian,a foreign foot soldier of Hamas,he was the chosen media darling before the camera for interviews that always attacked Israel and portrayed Palestinian,Hamas as the victim.
Vittorio was a pawn of Satan, a useful idiot. The master and cause he chose to serve killed him at a young 36. The fact that he was tortured and murdered by the Palestinian's he supported and defended as an 'activist' was a great embarrassment for the Hamas terrorist rulers of Gaza. Back in 2008 he had received a passport from Ismail Haniyah, leader of Hamastan, Gaza.
In the end his crisp new Hamas passport proved worthless.He was unprepared for his final journey.
After his torture and murder at the hands of his friends, I was surprised at the swift judgment, the death sentence delivered to this deceived soul by his friends and partners against Israel. He chose the wrong team, the dark side to serve. His death should always be remembered as a warning to all those who side with evil against Israel.
We are now seeing the same scenario playing out on a much larger scale, the EU, UN, US, Russia, China, and the rest of the nations of the world siding with intolerant, bloodthirsty, evil Islam against tiny outnumbered Israel and the Jews.

With 100% certainty, the outcome for Islam and the nations will be much worse for them than Vitorrio's, who gave his life to the Palestinian cause and was rewarded by them for his zealous effort.
The deceivers and liars of Islam and their global media prostitutes would like everyone to forget about this embarrassment to their war against Israel. Just in case the few who are not under the five minute attention span of the easily manipulated western mind do research on his death in April of 2011 at the hands of ISLAMIC terrorists (his pals) WATCH OUT, the forked tongues attempt to do what they do best ,blame Israel for their evil deeds, atrocities and crimes against Humanity. How often have I heard the foaming at the mouth anti-semites blame Israel and the Mossad for 9/11 while giving Islam a clean slate. This is a diversionary tactic of all trained Islamic taqiyya agents and their fellow workers.
They do this on a regular basis while the US, EU, UN and International media give evil Islam a wink and a pass. As Vittorio Arrigoni met his freakish and capricious end so will they all, count on it!

*International Solidarty Movement- one of Satan's, the dragon of Revelation 12's many, many rabid anti-Israel front groups.
He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the righteous, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord.
Psalm 17:15


  1. It seems that ALL who join in with supporting Israel's enemies, those nations that you mentioned in the above article are now UNDER A DIVINE CURSE. I am watching to see what The LORD GOD will do to these nations. No doubt at all that they will assemble themselves together against Israel in their arrogance and pride, but they will be brought into the dist. They have not yet known SHEER TERROR, but THEY WILL!
    Peace to you brother.

    1. "I am watching to see what the Lord will do...."
      More correctly; " What He is doing"
      Its begun, look at Syria, Iraq,Greece, Venezuela, California burning, running out of water. Its only going to spread and get worse.

    2. You are right! I have just finished watching a video report of all that is taking place on the earth. The first 3/4th of the video was just in the U.S. Yes, I do also look for it to spread and get VERY POINTED at those who lift their fist against The LORD GOD and dare HIM to do anything. We are appointed to live in and through these times. May our LORD help us to stand firm in HIM. Bless you for putting out these good words.