Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Many Warnings of Putin to Obama Go Unheeded

When Russia's Putin sends 2 nuclear bombers just 40 miles off the coast of California during the 4th of July while talking with him on the phone the same day you have to ask what is really going on in Putin's mind behind the facade of diplomatic niceties? There have been so many of these nuclear bomber message to Obama flights that everyone seems to be getting used to them. With someone like Obama in the White House that is a big mistake. I believe Putin is revealing his intentions as Commander of Russian military forces while Bozo is thinking about his next round of golf and looking good on TV. The average American does not realize the extreme danger we now face because a fog of careless cluelessness has settled in over the empire on a breathing tube. When the missiles fall on our cities, I know what most of them will be thinking as they vaporize and turn to ash ; "I never thought it would happen to us", or the variant; I didn't' think Putin would really do it, I thought he was bluffing." I'm telling you, even though I was young during the Cuban missile crisis, I was aware of how serious it was as I am with this present "crisis". Incredibly the rest of the country is not, too busy watching Kimmy K's latest baby bump grow. WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGER, just ask Putin.
When will he send his last warning and do it is my question

Notice that when they decide to execute , murder, kill the 'baby bump' they rename he or she a ' fetus.'

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