Saturday, July 25, 2015

Satan's Massive Global Brainwash Program

Something bad happens to your children when you send them to a College or University just about anywhere in the world.
Whatever faith in Messiah Jesus they have is under attack from the day they begin the long, expensive brainwash session.
As Christian parents, if you want them to be paganized, you are sending them to the right place, if your motivation is money, worldly success, you are not seeking the Kingdom of God. If the Lord is leading you on a specific mission, then thats another thing.
I can't help but notice how clever and diabolical Satan and his minions are in controlling and manipulating thought everwhere, everywhere but in the minds of those whose hearts and minds are immersed in the Word of God.
I'll give you two examples out of hundreds of how the masses have already been re-programed by Satan's henchmen and henchwomen.
The first one is education, from Kindergarden to University, the truth, the hard cold fact of good and evil is never taught. Of course we know what they did with God and His 10 Commandments long, long ago.
Does anyone have to ask why there are so many mass shootings, sexual abuse, violence, greed and crime than ever before in American hisory?
The truth of good and evil is erased from the easily manipulated young minds.The god haters, the followers of Marx and the left have succeeded and now control the agenda which they deliver daily on a platter of lies.The lie of moral relativism has replaced the rock solid truth that anyone who manages to still retain their conscience knows.
Good and Evil exist
Sadly, thanks to the "educators" ,the de-programers and re-programers, America has become a nation of reprobates without conscience.
My second example is the latest mass shooter in Lafayette, Louisiana.The reprobate media say he was bipolar, they always cover up when these evil shooters are on some doctor prescribed, toxic and dangerous psychotropic drug that removes natural restraint to evil impulses.
Because they are godless, children of Belial, they always ask;
What amazes me is why so many listen to these pied pipers from hell who are so blind that they can't figure out that there is evil in the world and they are a big part if it!
Read the Bible daily, it will flush your mind from the lies of the blind leaders of the blind, Satan's Ambassadors who lead the world to certain destruction.

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  1. I'm sure that you already know this in your heart... that you are not really amazed that the masses listen to the "pied pipers" of their day. You know why they listen. Yeshua said that we are not to be amazed at the things that will come upon the earth.

    Pray He comes soon!